How to make life- changing money in Bitcoin?

According to a new study by mainstream American news network CNN, Bitcoin is by far the most profitable asset class of this decade. The news network reviewed the performance of investments over the past decade to come to this conclusion. USD 1, if invested at the beginning of this decade, would be USD 90,000 today, while an investment of just USD 11.12 would have become a million.

Such is the immense potential of Bitcoin. But the path to make good money in BTC is too perilous. You often hear stories of hundreds of people making millions in this asset but there are also hundreds of thousands of people who end up blowing up their accounts, sometimes losing a lifetime of savings. The market is designed to weed out the weak investors. With corrections ranging from 50% to 80% from the peak prices, this market is certainly not for the faint hearted.

But is there a way to make that 5X profit and get out of the market in time? Is there a way to get in when others start doubting the future of this amazing technology and media reports start flashing “doom” for this asset or “burst of the BTC bubble”. There certainly is. Answer to this million $ question lies in the very network of Bitcoin or the Bitcoin Blockchain, which we discussed in my previous articles [1] [2] on this blog.

Valuation of BTC is nothing but valuation of the Bitcoin Blockchain network. BTC is just a token to make payments on the BTC Blockchain. So more the acceptability and usability of the network, more is the value of its digital token, BTC. Let us break this BTC network acceptability and usability a bit further.

Bitcoin is the most transparent asset that has ever been traded in the history of the modern financial system. While in your traditional bonds and stocks, it is very difficult and at most times impossible to track the investor activity, this is not the case in Bitcoin. Data on the critical parameters of the network are readily available for everyone to see and analyze. A bit of playing with the Blockchain network data can make such amazing revelations of the value of this network. This has led to the rise of a new area of study called On-Chain Analytics.

In my coming articles, I will write more on the On-Chain parameters that can be usually analyzed to get an estimate of the demand & investor sentiment. We will deep dive on Hash Rate, Mempools, HODL waves & few more fundamental parameters. I will explain each of these parameters and how to analyze the On-chain data to “know for sure” when is the best time to buy.

Bitcoin market is such that only the smartest and well-informed can make money (Yes I’m talking about triple digit returns 😉 ). Please stay tuned to this blog to learn these life-changing techniques. Please like and share my blog posts with your family and friends and follow me to get regular updates. I will soon open a twitter account to answer any questions that you might have. Cheers!

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