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Investing Reinvented

Coinmaster Live BTC Chart

It’s time to amplify the Alpha! Yes, you heard that right. It’s time to make lifechanging money now, TOGETHER! Over the last couple of weeks, I have received several requests for a Telegram or Discord channel to share my analysis more frequently. Well, apologies but TG/ Discord is not happening anytime soon. But, in theContinue reading “Coinmaster Live BTC Chart”

The Coinmaster PDF- Mastering Crypto trading using Technical, On-chain & Funding rate analysis

The wait is over folks! If you have followed my calls on Twitter the last few months, you would know how accurate they have been both in uptrends and during corrections. While I keep sharing my techniques on Twitter and Substack, I have compiled this PDP containing some really useful techniques for Technical, On-chain andContinue reading “The Coinmaster PDF- Mastering Crypto trading using Technical, On-chain & Funding rate analysis”

Ahoy!! Welcome Aboard!

The new decade is here. The world already looks so different from 10 years ago. Developed economies have slowed down while emerging ones are witnessing stunted growth. Business landscape has changed for the worse with political uncertainty marring investments. Global debt has increased multi-folds while average household incomes have reduced. Interest rates have reduced while prices have increased. With the slow growing stock markets, negative yielding bonds and the next recession knocking on our doors everyday, it is high time we should rethink and reinvent investing.

Before starting with how we will together rethink investing in this blog, I would like to introduce myself. I will sign this blog as coinmaster2020 😉 [You will soon get to know why this name 🙂 ] I have an Ivy League Finance MBA with special focus on Economics & Statistics. I am in my late 20s and already built a decent enough portfolio of assets which make enough money for me to afford all the great things in life. I have started this blog for people who are looking for financial independence and want to learn how to make your money work for you.


In this blog, we will talk about how to think creatively to make money through investing. We will look beyond the traditional financial instruments like bonds and stocks. I will introduce you to the immense potential of Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies and how these need to be part of our investment portfolio. I will take you through different analysis methods – both technical and fundamental to understand the market structure and dynamics. I will also write about market news in crypto and how it can drive the market. Since this is an emerging area in Finance, a lot of the analysis material is my proprietary and cannot be found elsewhere. Please consider this blog for educational purposes only and not for any investment advice. Please do your own research before investing your hard earned money. Lets together aboard this roller coaster ride of investing, which most times will turn into a rocket ship. Read on!

coinmaster2020 December 20, 2019

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