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It’s time to amplify the Alpha!

Yes, you heard that right. It’s time to make lifechanging money now, TOGETHER!

Over the last couple of weeks, I have received several requests for a Telegram or Discord channel to share my analysis more frequently. Well, apologies but TG/ Discord is not happening anytime soon. But, in the meantime, I am ready to share my Alpha in real time. Yes, you don’t have to wait for my Twitter updates anymore. My charts can be available to you 24×7, totally LIVE!

If you have been following me even for a couple of days, you would know the level of accuracy that I have maintained both in Low Time Frame (LTF) and High Time Frame (HTF) trades. In order to help you benefit better from my trading ideas, I am ready to share the Live Tradingview link to my BTCUSD chart.

Please note: The tradingview link will be Live from 1st August’2021 to 31st August’2021 only.

What can be expected in the chart?

  • Updated channels & triangles

Many people are still on the learning phase and it sometimes becomes difficult to identify the correct channels and triangles. Having the chart in front of you could really help you to learn this better and also could help you to strategize your trading ideas

  • Possible resistance and support levels

As you see in my Twitter posts, I try to mention a probable resistance and support level/ range which could see a rejection or bounce. Most of the times, resistance and support levels could be found out using the channels and triangles. In order to better understand the resistance and support levels from the triangles and channels, it is highly recommended to go through my PDF first. This will really help you to understand how to spot the support/resistance from the channels and triangles. Here’s the link to get the PDF if you don’t have it already.

  • Copy my chart layout, indicators & indicator settings that I use

You will be able to add all the indicators in my chart to your own chart and also copy the settings.

  • General notes

As you might know from my Twitter/ Substack updates, I try to explain my reason for a particular bias. I will try to mention these on the chart notes too from time to time.

What SHOULD NOT be expected in the chart?

  • Trade setups

This chart will not show which price levels to Long/Short , when to enter or exit a trade. This chart will help you to plan your trading and execution strategy but will not spoonfeed any setups. So there will be no mention of entry, target, exits, TP, Stop Loss mentioned on the chart.

  • Leverage management

Chart will not mention how much leverage or risk to be taken in the trade. Anyways, you should not listen to anyone regarding how much leverage you need to use for your trades. That call needs to be taken solely by you.

  • No Altcoin charts

The link will only contain BTC (Bitcoin) chart. No altcoin charts can be accessed using the link

In the end, this chart is for educational purpose and should not be considered investment advice.

How to get the Live chart link?

This live link can be accessed upon completing a payment of 75$ in crypto.

Payment can be done only using USDT, BTC and ETH.

Step 1: Send 75USDT or 75USDC or 0.0019 BTC or 0.035 ETH + your transaction fees to the below address.

Note: Ensure the above amount is sent after considering your transaction fees. 75USDT/ 75USDC/ 0.0019 BTC / 0.035 ETH should be the final amount hitting the below wallets.

USDT ERC20 address: 0x4250e1d6550e3c10b86b315d3fe1004e2f6ac706

USDT TRC20 address: TG1rVWeWLUYhVRV4wrvLdqmTUj6JyJr811

USDC address: 0x30ba40b6527cee30f40c58f8e0c7cc089913d5c6

BTC address: 1ESoeiUWBw7nccPbMytbiYYbPConiUAAR8

ETH address: 0x4250e1d6550e3c10b86b315d3fe1004e2f6ac706

Please note: Please double check whether your sending address for USDT is ERC20 or TRC20. Send to the correct address accordingly. Payment can be made only through these tokens. Please don’t ask for any other token addresses to pay.

Step 2: Take a screenshot of the amount paid with the above wallet address mentioned clearly as the receiver and e-mail it to or DM me on twitter with the screenshot , your email ID and your transaction hash / ID. Please also try to mention your sender wallet address to help confirm the payment.

Step 3: Once you have sent the screenshot, I will share a link on your email ID within a few hours where you can view the Tradingview chart. In case you have any trouble opening the chart, please Twitter DM or email to me.

As mentioned above, the Tradingview link will be Live from 1st Aug’21 to 31st Aug’21 only. The price will be same throughout this period, so if you pay on 1st Aug you can use the link for 31 days and if you pay on, let’s say, 20th Aug, you will get the link only for 11 days. Point is: No matter when you pay, the link can be usable only till 31st August, so if you pay earlier, you can use the link for more number of days.

How to copy the chart layout into your own Tradingview?

When you open the chart link you will find it initially in “View only mode”

To save the chart layout into your own Tradingview, click on Copy on the top right

If you don’t use a Tradingview Premium account, you need to delete your existing chart layout first and then Copy this layout.

How to copy the indicators and settings into your own Tradingview?

To save the indicators, just click on Templates –> Save Indicator template

Enter the Indicator Template Name and Save

If you add the template to favourites, it will get saved in the top ribbon of your tradingview like highlighted below in Yellow.

I’m sure this chart will definitely help you to be more profitable. Let me know if you have any questions.



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