The Coinmaster PDF- Mastering Crypto trading using Technical, On-chain & Funding rate analysis

The wait is over folks!

If you have followed my calls on Twitter the last few months, you would know how accurate they have been both in uptrends and during corrections. While I keep sharing my techniques on Twitter and Substack, I have compiled this PDP containing some really useful techniques for Technical, On-chain and Funding rate analysis which will improve the accuracy of your analysis manifold. This PDF contains a detailed guide on how to use these techniques and why these techniques actually work.

For this PDF I actually spent a lot of my time and energy to put the concepts in the simplest way possible to help you grasp them really easily. While all of my content has been free till now, this PDF will cost a small amount of $50 as a token of appreciation for my time and work. This is the upgraded version of the PDF. The first version being released in March. This version contains some more useful metrics that will be really helpful during this bullrun. Once you purchase, you get all the upgrades for free.

How to get the PDF?

Payment can be done only using USDT, BTC and ETH.

Step 1: Send 50USDT or 50USDC or 0.0014 BTC or 0.025 ETH + your transaction fees to the below address.

Note: Ensure the above amount is sent after considering your transaction fees. 50USDT/ 50USDC/ 0.0014 BTC / 0.025 ETH should be the final amount hitting the below wallets.

USDT ERC20 address: 0x4250e1d6550e3c10b86b315d3fe1004e2f6ac706

USDT TRC20 address: TG1rVWeWLUYhVRV4wrvLdqmTUj6JyJr811

USDC address: 0x30ba40b6527cee30f40c58f8e0c7cc089913d5c6

BTC address: 1ESoeiUWBw7nccPbMytbiYYbPConiUAAR8

ETH address: 0x4250e1d6550e3c10b86b315d3fe1004e2f6ac706

Please note: Please double check whether your sending address for USDT is ERC20 or TRC20. Send to the correct address accordingly. Payment can be made only through these tokens. Please don’t ask for any other token addresses to pay.

Step 2: Take a screenshot of the amount paid with the above wallet address mentioned clearly as the receiver and e-mail it to or DM me on twitter with the screenshot , your email ID and your transaction hash / ID. Please also try to mention your sender wallet address to help confirm the payment.

Step 3: Once you have sent the screenshot, I will share a link onyour email ID within a few hours where you can view and download the PDF. All the future updated versions of the PDF can be accessed through this link. In case you have any trouble opening or downloading, please Twitter DM or email to me.

What do you get for your 50$ worth?

  1. The PDF contains the most effective techniques to improve the accuracy of your analysis significantly. The list of techniques has been deliberately kept low so that you focus on just the best ones and not waste too much time going through a long list of ineffective techniques.
  2. This PDF will help you to gain the much needed confidence to trade profitably and consistently. If you follow me closely, you would know that I not only maintain the accuracy but I do it consistently, that is, I analyze the price action accurately over and over again. All of the concepts that I talk about on my Twitter to make the predictions have been mentioned in this PDF to give you as much Alpha as possible.
  3. You get free access to all the upgrades of this PDF. This PDF is not the only one which you get when you signup. It will get upgraded on a regular basis with more content being added from time to time. As soon as there is an upgrade, you will be informed via email so you can download the latest version using the same link. The current version is v2.0. There are more upgrades to come and you get all of them without any added cost.
  4. You will make the 50$ and much more back within the first or second day of trading. This is a promise. The way this PDF has been designed is to deliver as much alpha to you in as little time as possible. So once you read and practice these techniques, you will see the result in a very short span of time.

If you follow me closely on Twitter, you would know that my calls are always well thought of and well analyzed. I’m here to help as many people as I can and have already helped quite a few of them so far. Below are some of the many positive reviews given by the readers.

What are people saying about the PDF?

So, I think of this as one of the best investments you will ever make to learn and improve the way you analyze price action. While this PDF is focused for Bitcoin and other crypto, you can use some of the techniques in the traditional markets too.

Attaching here a sample of the list of contents and sample pages. Currently the PDF is around 60 pages long but with future additions, the content will keep increasing and you get all the future content without any added cost.

So go on. Get your hands on the document and start practicing your analysis and implement these strategies in your trading.

Send me feedback once you have gone through the content. Always here to help.

Yours truly


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