How to use Funding rate to predict Bitcoin price?

Visit my twitter feed and follow me to know more. 1/7 HOW TO USE FUNDING RATE TO PREDICT BITCOIN PRICE? 🔥🚀Funding rate is one of the best indicators to determine herd sentiment of the market. While this thread won't explain what exactly is futures funding rate but we will learn how to use funding rateContinue reading “How to use Funding rate to predict Bitcoin price?”

Why BTC won’t cross 11K in the near future?

We have seen Bullish divergence in BTC Price action in this month. However I don’t consider this as the start of a major Bull run before the halvening. Reason? On- chain momentum doesn’t justify a major bull run in the near future. If anything, we are in the middle of a small rally within aContinue reading “Why BTC won’t cross 11K in the near future?”

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